Bellaplex - Look Years Younger

Bellaplex - Look Years Younger

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Skin with a ‘Bellaplex Touch’

Want your skin to appear younger for longer? Protect it from direct sunrays, advise dermatologists. The sun is a killer of your skin. It destroys skin’s collagen network. This can prove to be disastrous for skin firmness and smoothness. With a crumbled collagen structure, you can expect skin to sag and wrinkle, say experts.

In-built sunscreen
Thanks to advancement in cosmetology, the anti aging creams of today contain in-built sunscreen. A stellar example here is Bellaplex. It claims to contain adequate sun protection factor. So, while it works on existing aging signs on skin, and its SPF ensures that your skin does not get damaged further. So, in one way, it also prevents further formation of aging signs, say product experts.

Constant moisturization
One thing that your skin needs after a certain age is constant moisturization. Dry skin may need double the amount that you may have used earlier. Oily skin may not have needed moisturization before. Now it does.

Again, Bellaplex’s formula is rich in moisturizing agents. A striking feature is that it contains moisturizing compound, which is found naturally in skin. This makes it a more preferred moisturizer for mature skin. It helps to replenish skin’s own moisture. This restores skin’s suppleness and softness. It contributes to giving skin a youthful look.

Nutrition is what makes your body survive. A malnourished body can never exhibit healthy skin. You need to be particular with your diet. Although today’s anti aging creams contain nourishing elements, but nothing beats nutrients that come from food, say experts.

Don’t forget to add about 3 liters of water in your diet menu. We are talking of plain water, not soft drinks. The latter produces dehydrating effects in the skin. You can mix some lime in water to pack an antioxidant punch.

According to Bellaplex reviews, a combo of good diet and regular use of this superior quality formulation is found to give unbelievable results to the skin. a

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